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Hello girls, today I am very happy to present to you this beautiful work of crochet in the form of butterflies done with all affection, in fact it is an illusion of optics can be made in 7 different colors, they are: purple, lilac, white, blue light and dark blue, light green and dark green. As you begin this work you will realize that it is easy, but for the beginner crocheteras, you will need a certain will power because it requires a little of you, but surely you will be able to do it. Everyone gets when we want and we love what we do. :) So let's start by saying that this model of crochet can be used on blankets or accessories for kitchens. It looks beautiful on rugs, which is my case, I made a carpet in this store pattern for me, and I was very happy with the result, so from the moment you realize and get the practice in this model of store pattern you will surely want do other jobs with this pattern The first step begins by making 4 equal mandalas of the same color and the same standard size. If you want to follow the image just follow the colors that are in the mandalas pattern shop, otherwise make a mandala of your taste and colors of your preference following a pattern of colors that match each other. The last finish you should cast all 4 mandalas in a way that a butterfly will form and the middle of them will be empty. After finishing the finish of the 4 mandalas you need to finish the middle interlacing between the four parts to give the butterfly effect. See how easy and interesting it is at the same time, you will fall in love with this pattern of crochet butterflies, you certainly can not do it. This combination of colors pattern shop is very beautiful, it follows you as a tip, but it can be made to your liking, use your creativity and your gifts that God gave you and start your crochet butterfly today. My butterfly carpet I already made and I point out to you this free pattern shop. A girls kiss until the next !!!

See how simple the beginning of this crochet stitch is. Basic points to finish your butterfly with techniques

We didn't find a tutorial. but we found a very simple tutorial formula that will help you finish your model. see how simple it is to make the crochet butterfly.