Drop in the pond - Blanket Crochet patterns

Hello girls, all right with you, today I brought you another inspiration from the blanket pattern shop. You like blanket crochet for the decoration of your home, if you answered yes, then that inspiration of blanket crochet for your bed was made for yourself. This blanket is a very interesting optical illusion because the pattern shop makes a very interesting shape in the final piece and is a lot of fun to do, especially for the beginners crocheted, it is very easy to do and I am sure that after you do this piece of crochet you will be motivated and will want to learn much more about this wonderful art that inspires me every day more. I decided to share this pattern with you because I found it very interesting and because I received many models with this pattern shop in my email, so I thought it important that you have this knowledge, or save for a next opportunity you have access to this matter, our website always presents all week crochet novelties and a variety of blouses, babys, rugs and other pattern shop for you to learn and at the earliest opportunity to be able to do for your family and friends. We have current models of blankets for you to marvel at the ideas and models of blankets and more, amigorumis and other patterns, so do not waste time and come to know this pattern today and you will realize how easy it is and how the finished work gets very beautiful. I hope you enjoyed. This crochet pattern we have today are in different colors for you to choose the color that most identifies for you or the environment of your home. Enjoy our models and make a different one or an equal color for you, to give a friend. This pattern you can make with the rest of the yarn you have at home, this can be a great opportunity for you to learn. Good fun girls, a kiss at heart !!!!

Watch a video lesson of this crochet pattern. beautiful crocheted blanket to finish your model. very simple.

Basic measures. Gorgeous template with simple stitches and patterns with measurements. learn simply with free tutorial