Crochet Blouses | with graphic for summer


Hello girls how are you. See that lovely crochet blouse for you to wear this summer. She is amazing. A very interesting crochet pattern zig zag. I'm sure the beginners will have some ease to learn this pattern of crochet. Very interesting pattern shop for you to start doing today. This web site is pleased to share with you other models of knitwear, rugs, blankets, sweaters and much more for you to learn and always stay tuned in the news of the world of crochet. The blouses are always the darlings of women, they have a more discreet pattern, and a shoulder a little fallen, due to this model more romantic than the piece tras for this crochet pattern. In the case below the photo has several shades of blue that is very delicate and neutral for the piece and looks very beautiful on any woman, but you can choose a pattern more appropriate for your taste. Girls this pattern is not open sky so these stitches are more closed and you do not need to wear any other piece of blouse underneath. Can be worn with any type of clothing, with jeans this color of blouse looks very beautiful. Can be used at any occasion, has a more discreet pattern and a more casual fashion. So you can bet on this blouse on an anniversary this afternoon with family, a walk in the park or a not so refined dinner. But if you want to wear this blouse in a more chic place bet on a high heel and you will arrazar. This pattern is very beautiful, I hope you enjoy it. You're sure to get it because I can do it, too. Girls a kiss for you until next time !!!!

Patterns Blouse easy modelo stitch diagran basic. Crocheted from 55% cotton and 45% PAC, it's so soft. Size S (UK 8-10 EURO 36-38). Length - 51 cm or 20 inches. Pacifier Dimensions Pictured: Bust - 88 cm (34.5 inches) Hand wash in cold water, do not wring and let dry.

See the measurements used in this crochet pattern. blouse with zig zag crochet stitches.

Basic diagram of crochet blouse. template with step by step for this default template