Crochet Blouse | Cropped model for summer


Beautiful blouse model for summer. The cropped blouse is being widely advertised on social networks and fashion all over the world. So nothing better than choosing a more discreet cropped blouse for every body type. For the skinny ones and for those who want to show their belly, but discreetly. This pattern shop of cropped blouse came with a more sophisticated pattern because it features a detail at the top of the piece, in the middle of the blouse, drawing more attention to the breasts and less to the belly despite the cropped model it has a slight opening edge of the piece, giving an extra light and can be used with a pair of jeans to hide your belly and make you more sensual. Or you can choose to make a longer piece and leave it a cropped more open and longer, it can also be an option for those who want to follow fashion and take advantage of trends. If you like to crochet and do not want to miss out on the news, do not waste time and follow us on the social networks and see every week in sweaters, baby dresses, blankets, carpets for decoration and lots of ideas for you to get involved in this world of crochet. You'll love experiencing this crochet blouse, you're sure to have a more sales option for your pattern shop. This blouse has a more closed pattern and does not need a top underneath the piece, so abuse the look and discover a line model and colors ideal for your skin tone, you will see how it gives a very big difference after the piece made . Below is a chart of all the points in this piece. I hope you enjoy a kiss !!!

Diagram with crochet measurements. see how simple this model is, learn the techniques used to finish the blouse pattern.

Beautiful crochet blouse. friends carefully see the points used in this model according to your measurements used. and finish.