Stitch standard Afghan Crochet


Hello girls ... all right ... today I'm bringing this idea of ​​crochet afghan pattern so special to crocheteras on duty. This idea is very clever, very interesting and I am sure you will love to do. And the after-work is wonderful. You who like to make a blanket for the double bed or models for babies this is ideal. For the beginners also this pebble is interesting because it is a step by step very easy to do and in fact it is an optical illusion that after ready forms this whole pattern in zigzag. For babies you can use more neutral colors and more delicate tones to give a cheerful and delicate air to the baby. You who like to innovate the shop pattern shop is pleased to present to you ideas and news in crochet to learn beginners. This crochet Afghan pattern is very used and easy to make, so you can not miss it and you can also use this pattern in zig zag on other pieces such as slippers, in addition to blankets for decoration, dresses and parts for the kitchen. You will love. And do not forget to take advantage of this beautiful crochet blanket. Here's what you need: 1 crochet hook 5mm 1 line cord 1 pair of scissors 1 pointed scissors Do not forget an important detail the zig zag points give this aspect due to the color change in each step by step, so it is important that your plaid is colored with matching tones preferably so your work of that zig zag look, If it is a color only the work may not give this long-awaited effect. I thank all the crochet friends who accompany us and are always aware of our news. A kiss to all !!!

Crochet colored stitches with simple step by step.

Crochet stitches. very basic friends see below this model of points. watch the pattern

You doubt. we have a tutorial basically explaining the measurements of this model. take a closer look at the step-by-step instructions and how to finish this crochet stitch in a simple way.