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Hello girls .. today I want to present to you a beautiful idea to decorate the environment of your home. It certainly has nothing more pleasurable than having a comfortable, cozy home where you can get home and after a day of work and find your bed with this beautiful crochet crochet made by your own hands, and still Has more to receive a beautiful compliment from her husband friends and children than you who made you have fairy hands, not so good it. We are always here to improve your high esteem, bringing news of crochet and blanked models, sweaters, rugs and various other crocheted pieces always with free graphic and videos to present and leave you feeling like starting today. This beautiful crochet blanket is ideal for beginners who are starting now in more complicated jobs and want to start doing something to get their hands on. This pattern shop blanket is very easy to do with this explanation below I am sure you will have very easy to do. Today our crocheted pattern shop web site is presenting to you squares, those from grandma's era which is very easy to do. You will use the simple squares to make and start playing with them giving a 3D format that is being much commented now between the crocheteras on duty. These squares on your blanket give a three-dimensional air to the piece and you will get the impression that the piece is having its own, because the squares seem to be in movement and it is a very beautiful and gratifying work to do. You can be sure that you will not regret girls. Start today and learn how to make this beautiful crochet blanket. Hope you enjoy it. Kisses !!!

Crochet Square Patterns easy model tutorial

Crocheted blanket. technical diagram of how to start this model. learn below with a complete tutorial. I loved friends!

Crochet square. Basic points simple formula to finish a blanket with your measurements. see below for details of measurements and material