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Hi, girls .. all right .. today I'm bringing you this beautiful crochet shawl pattern for you to learn. This shawl is very easy to do and I decided to show it to you because it is a technique that beginners will enjoy very much. You need to learn this pattern of store crochet, the technique is wonderful, the end result.
Today the shawls are being used a lot even in the summer, are the famous shawls for the hotter climates, which are availed even in a walk on the beach, in a park, is much tapped for women and versatile, practical to do and Women love it. 

pattern in crochet shawl to learn
pattern in crochet shawl to learn 

That's why the pattern shop decided to show you this beautiful shawl. More experienced women can also make this shawl work faster and surely the women who sell the crochet will be able to do it, and certainly in a shorter time to complete this work.
This crochet technique are easy points because it is a single point, that is, repeated points, and the coloring gives an illusion of optics for the piece. Believe it's a single point, I'm presenting a video to make it even easier for you to learn this technique and be able to pause as many times as necessary. So let's start today.
Do not waste time girls, you will love making that point, training is wonderful especially when we like what we do. If you want to learn more about this crochet art you can see more news and other ideas made with this art, we have blouses, rugs, other models of shawls, cardigans, blankets and dresses for babies.
Enjoy and learn, soon we will be presenting more models of shawls for you to fall in love with. A kiss to all !!!

Shawl crochet pattern. techniques and step by step

pattern in crochet shawl
pattern in crochet shawl

Shawl crocheting diagram. see the step by step model points and position. learn to do it simply.

Graphic of this model is available for friends. in case you have doubts we have a tutorial with tips and techniques of crochet shawl stitches.