Crochet tunic with | graphic and video tutorial


Good morning, girls ... I want to thank God first of all for being once again able to present another work of Crochet Patterns which is something that I love so much, and secondly to all of you who are giving me so much strength, Who are giving me so many joys in every word every day that you are learning crochet here with me on this web site that is so special for everyone who devote themselves to every day in every line pattern, every graphic, every detail and inspiration that we are Trying to get you there on the other side of the screen. Today I'm bringing you this beautiful crocheted blouse with a very easy stitch, I found this blouse with many requests on the internet, with videos and explanations very important for you that are wanting to learn step by step. Soon this beautiful crochet blouse for the summer will be ideal and you can learn from the step by step and do very quickly, for sure you will love. You can do this tutorial with a neutral color blouse that is ideal for wearing with a basic jeans, or as an ideal tunic to wear with a short jeans short a heel, you will love. This top can be worn with a fringe on the ends looks very beautiful and can be inspired on several occasions. Always remember that this crochet top is a step by step in the open and so this beautiful blouse will be transparent, but it has a detail if your intention is a more visual suddenly shows to wear on the beach this summer, Go confidently my darling you're sure to shine this summer, but a tip look for more neutral tones of a color just to get easier to match the underwear on your tunic or your crochet top, for you to leave the house no mistakes. You will love to make this blouse, we have several models of top, tunic and blouse with this graphic, you can find in our web site pattern yarn of crochet shop several novelties in this world of crochet. I hope you enjoy .. Kisses ... Kisses !!!

Crochet Blouse Patterns Basic stitch Easy model

Beautiful crochet blouse model. see below some patterns to finish this model with simple techniques.

Learn how to make this model to your measure. see the material used in this crochet pattern and the diagram used in this blouse pattern.