terça-feira, 8 de agosto de 2017

Beautiful Crochet Blouse with Pineapple Dots for Summer

Hello girls .. all right with you .. today I'm presenting another crocheted blouse with red pineapple dots. Actually this crocheted blouse is a slightly shorter model blouse and worn now in the summer. This blouse is widely used as a cropped model that is being widely spoken this year a more cropped blouse model with details of pineapple that can not but exist. For you who is still learning more about crochet can not fail to follow our step by step and video tutorial for the crochet points of pineapple, which is a point widely used in various other works, we have models of carpets, other models Of blouse and decorations to use at the table, it is very beautiful that point, people like because the pineapple is very clear and draws attention by the craftsmanship and the whim that are made, it is amazing how this art of crocheting is so >>Look here. What a beautiful blouse model too. enjoy.  dynamic and interesting and As does the head of women. I love myself, I can not be without a model of crochet at home or in the clothes, the crochet is already part of my life. This beautiful red blouse with delicate stitches, you can find in any crochet yarn store the values ​​are very affordable and you can make at a very low cost. Now you, who are interested in selling this piece, need to make the correct calculation of the yarn that you have bought and the work you need to charge, look for a yarn store near your house and they can better guide you the value of each piece that is Working and preparing to sell, so you do not work for free and do not take damage in any part. Do not forget that a job well done like this can be highly valued, but nothing too high for you to win your customers and so they are always around buying and need fancy and good price. This beautiful piece of crochet, a red blouse in pineapple stitches, are made very quickly, now in the summer they will be much sought after and the crochet work is very fast to make you practicing watching the video with the step by step you realize that it is fast . So, my dear ones, let's get to work and succeed in this work. We are always rooting for you for your joy in all the things you are interested in getting started with and we have many ideas for you to get inspired by this beautiful crochet art. A kiss!!!!