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Hello girls ... this is amazing, what do you guys think of a lovely blanket like this with pretty crochet pattern of flowers for a room and very creative to do. This example blanket in the case is a blanket made especially for princesses and for babies due to non-aggressive wool the baby's hair is ideal for newborns. But this beautiful blanket can be made for a grown princess.

Or a double bed for example. It looks very beautiful being worked on in other colors. You can present your work in a variety of ways. But look what a nice gift for a friend to receive this beautiful blanket in store pattern for a baby who has just arrived. People will not believe it was made by you.
This pattern crochet shop blanket is actually made with crochet squares that are crafted and joined in flower shape, and it becomes that beautiful and delicate crochet flower.

This video below is for you who are beginners and want to learn step by step and can pause as many times as necessary. Do not waste time getting this baby crochet blanket right now, and you'll see how easy it is to do it.

How to crochet a blanket for babies

We at the pattern shop have several models of crochet blankets, sweaters, baby dresses and ideas for you to decorate your beautiful home and to be happier being able to do something so enjoyable to do that is the art of learning crochet.

This crochet art is increasingly being valued worldwide, on catwalks, and in street fashion, and you can make money from it if you have that intention. So do not waste time and learn today to do this beautiful crochet work and enrich your ideas even more. A girls kiss. To the next!!!

Beautiful baby blanket with free flower pattern

Beautiful baby blanket
Beautiful baby blanket 

Baby crocheted blanket. beautiful model. with dots flowers. beautiful template for baby blanket. technical ideas to finalize the model.

See a tutorial on how to make this template. very simple. basic crochet pattern. easily learn friends. stitches technical ideas of stitches with this pattern.

Follow the download below and learn by yourself how to make this crochet flower pattern for babies.
Crochet  Baby Blanket
Crochet  Baby Blanket 

Crochet  Baby Blanket
Crochet  Baby Blanket 

Our website has a baby dress for you to fall in love with. I love to do crafts for the babies with my friends, they look beautiful in a crochet dress. Enjoy today and see this beautiful baby dress here.

You will be able to find some inspirations with varied colors of the same pattern for you to make for your bed. Enjoy the tutorial blanket  roses  and get started today.