Delicate crochet shoes with step by step

Hello, my dear, all right ... today I have one more delicacy of crochet that we find in this wonderful world of God. Today I am with my heart full of joy and I want to be able to share this moment with you. How can wool be a fabric that came from nature so wonderful, bring us so much joy, inspiration and give us so much pleasure. This is amazing, this is a lot of inspiration for us crocheteras pattern shop, it is a force of nature the reason we are here today looking at this ball and thinking about what work we are going to get. The wool is too good to let our skin perspire in the case of babies. In case of biodegradation, the wool comes from a natural source that is renewed and so it is easily biodegradable unlike the synthetic fabric that is much easier to decompose and does not degrade easily, you have an idea of ​​all this work we do With so much love and pleasure besides bringing us joy, doing a huge good for our babies we are also contributing to the planet, with sustainability, this is wonderful !!!! I am very happy, if you already knew that my loves are happy, you are special to this world, if you did not know then rejoice even more and see how perfect nature is. Today I am presenting to you this delicate crochet shoe with graphic and pattern shop in video tutorial for you to learn and take your doubts we have three videos for you to look well and get excited to learn, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you like this delicate little shoe because they are Being used a lot there and you will see how this time of year they are used a lot, but they need to be well made to leave them tightly closed and to be very beautiful in the feet of who to use. They can vary and dare in the colors because they are very cute with shorts or jeans and always on a day without rain to not get wet. Do not wear socks, your sneakers deserve to appear, and look beautiful to show. We are always new to the web site pattern shop so that you are always ahead of your time. A kiss to all. To the next!!!!