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Hello my dear crochet friends ... all right with you ... today I am inspired by this pattern of crochet shop so talked about in social networks, which is the so famous Crocodile Stitch stitch, impressive the many requests made to that point pattern shop. 

Not that I do not think beautiful, of course is how I always say people mainly crocheteras are giving preferences to those points that give an air of movement to the piece, a certain way, is the trend of crochet these days and could not stay Out of this pattern crochet crocodile called, some also call that fish scale crochet point because it looks like a scales of a fish, good so it's up to you what's easier for you the important thing is for you to learn. 

Right to make this point because it will be very useful for your crochet work, you can wait that I will be bringing a very cool graphic of these little mermaids of children's mermaids that looks very beautiful in girls All done in crochet the girls are real mermaids, well at least they feel ... LoL. But it looks beautiful even in the photos for a very nice memory, so in the next article I'll be bringing a mermaid crochet with crocodile stitch for Girls wait. 

Today you can learn for sure this point because it can be used in many different ways, in clothes, shawls, flowers, much used in handbags, and even in dolls for children, and is very delicate in baby blanket and children's cap, very Really beautiful. This point pattern shop is a delicate point, but very easy to do, it is called a superimposed point, because it starts with a base of points to form these points in the form of petals or scales, the overlapping point is vertical of the base points, 

So it's better to start doing it and stay calm that this crochet point is much easier not bite as the name implies. Grab a glass of juice or a coffee, or a drink and start watching the video several times if you need you will see how it will help you a lot in your step by step. Dear, I hope you like this crochet and keep going forward because the past has passed and the future to God belongs. A kiss to all, see you next time !!! Check out the video !!!!

Learn the measurements of this crocodile crocodile stitch. many patterns can be made in this crochet stitch like a scarf. it looks beautiful.

Very well known this crocheting stitch friends. see below with tutorial how to make and finish this model. material ideal measures used in this model. learn simply.


4.5 mm ( Nr.7 )

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Pattern: 

Crochet ch 15 

One row of sl-st, grabbing the stitch as shown in the video 

Crochet ch 1, sl-st 1, ch 14. On the row created, make sl-st 14, pulling over the loop as shown in the video. Create one stitch with all the 14 slip-stitches. Join this stitch with the row you created before, grabbing the 3-rd gap. Make sl-st 3. 

Make 4 other stitches as #3, but you can create as many stitches as you want. 

Turn the work. Make cn 1, sl-st 1. With sc 1 grab the chain with the stitch, so will have 5 loops on the hook. Make sl-st 3 and sc 1 where the chain joins the stitch. This process continues till you join all the stitches with the chain. 

Turn your work again. Repeat 3 and 4 using another yarn color if you want.