segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Crochet Dress for Hot Days with Graphic

Hello girls ... today after a weekend so active ... many family parties, I come to bring you this beautiful crochet dress with very simple and easy to make graphic, it is a crochet dress for warmer days, Very beautiful with a skirt in the form of delicate scales and with two different colors that is the white and pink color that forms a very delicate pair and these colors combine very, a very good way to see nowadays two colors the white and The rose for girls, to break a little that pink color counterbalance the rose. Take advantage today to produce this gorgeous crochet pattern shop dress and you will realize how rewarding it is to produce a piece of yours, I am finishing a piece as soon as I finish sending you an image. Saw the crochet open doors, make friends. enjoy. Do not forget the importance of the quality of the threads for your finished product to be very well done, do not forget that the threads are produced from the nature of your raw material and that we need to put wool that are of quality not to give reaction in your model more than Special that our princezinas are so dear. Look at girls this type of dress can be made by anyone who has at least ua basic notion of crochet, in case you have doubts and want to get in touch with us we are at disposal. If you have a friend who is very close to you and can clarify it better because you do not come together to start this job.
We are here on the web site to better serve you and for you to be always aware in this world of crocheteras. God is wonderful and his mercies are renewed every day, in the midst of nature and because there is so much beauty I erect a song in praise to you, my Lord. Thank you girls ... A kiss !!!!