Red Crochet Blouse | step by step


Hello girls ... all right with you, today I bring you this pattern shop crochet blouse with easy-to-do graphics with basic patterns for you to create the courage to start today. 

Let's talk about crochet, this art so wonderful that with the skills acquired by crocheteras are made so many wonders, today people are acquiring differentiated models with three-dimensional models, with geometric shapes and make small squares or triangles a work of art in a Decoration make all the difference. 

So today I'm bringing you a more romantic-looking blouse that can be worn open skies, with very easy-to-do stitches and a pretty little crochet model on the edges that is also very easy to do for sure. 

This blouse is a blouse that you can wear on a sunny day of warmth or if it is a cooler day you can wear this blouse with a jacket and a heel shoe, that you will sure look beautiful at night or with a skirt more Social is also very chic, bet on a straighter skirt to delineate the silhouette more if you want to show more your curves. 

If you want a calmer look, less outlined then bet on not checking the waist and leave the blouse looser, will be more elegant and always with a sweater underneath to not be transparent. 

This crochet blouse is more romantic and you can bet you will wear it a lot on those hotter days and it is a model of a blouse that never goes out of style you will always be able to wear it on several occasions. 

We at the pattern shop are always presenting to you the most original work for you to always be ahead of your time and always learning crochet patterns for beginners, but never forgetting our trend-seeking friends who always want to be aware of this great fashion.

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Which are the crochet arts. I hope you like this beautiful blouse, her graphic is below, enjoy my loves, because today is the day to start, do not leave anything for tomorrow, because tomorrow does not belong to us, start today your plans, today is a gift that God Gives us every morning, much joy in their work, much love and affection is my sincere wishes and until the next !!! Kisses !!!

crochet blouse with step by step
crochet blouse with step by step


  • A crochet hook according to the work and thread used.
  • Small pointed scissors
  • A line in the color of your choice

crochet blouse with step by step
crochet blouse with step by step

Below you will find a pattern and red colors. But we have a model just below with the same white blouse pattern. I think it looks very pretty, but you can choose the color of your line preference. Today the pattern shop you find many colors of interesting lines. New, colorful colors. But I think this blouse looks more beautiful with only a crochet thread color. So use your imagination and start this beautiful crochet pattern right now.

Diagram with blouse measurements for simple crochet stitches.

crochet blouse with step by step
crochet blouse with step by step

crochet blouse with step by step
crochet blouse with step by step

Final considerations:

We want to thank all the friends who take the time to share their work with us. It is very rewarding and helps us to know if we are on the right track. Please if you have any criticism share with us. Our goal is to improve every day. Always remember if I made it. So can you.