Beautiful pineapple crochet blouse with video tutorial

Hello girls ... all right ... today I bring you this crocheted pattern shop crocheted blouse with beautiful stitches made in pineapple format .. it is much talked about in crocheteras works and it is a point that it is very beautiful the final work . In addition to being an open point pattern shop, it is very quick to make and make crochet blouse work, many people call this pattern shop crochet blouse worked in pineapple formaton. This beautiful blouse I received and I'm sure you will enjoy these points very much because they are useful in several places not only in blouses, but in carpet, or in other works, you can be sure that this pattern shop you will be very happy to learn this Point because they are needed for several other jobs. So girls take advantage of this opportunity for those who do not yet know this crochet pattern shop pineapple spot. For crocheteras on call that already know how to work with this point take advantage of the idea of ​​the blouse that can be very fast to finish and if you are interested in selling this blouse the deadline to finish this work is very fast and practical are not many skeins, and You can make a living from that job. This beautiful crochet blouse can be made with open stitches always using a top under the blouse, in which case the crochet blouse of this color you can wear a white or black top will look very beautiful. Girls take advantage of this day, such a good and favorable time to start working on this pattern shop crochet work. This beautiful blouse is available as a video so you can pause as many times as necessary. And do not forget that the quality of the lines are important for finalizing a job well done. Once again pattern shop thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the ideas I have received, I hope you have enjoyed our tip today. Until the next girls ... Thank you !!!! Kisses !!