Pineapple crochet stitch


Hello girls ... all right with you, today I'm feeling so happy to be here once again and can contribute a little ideas for you to make a beautiful model of crochet blouse or other ideas through that daisy pattern shop, I hope That if you do not intend to make this pattern at the moment I will give you a tip, I believe that most crocheters do this too, when we like the crochet pattern but we will not do it now because we have other work to do Not lose the idea we make a small model to learn and also a way to stay guarded in the crocheted pastry a way to learn not to miss the opportunity know, I do not know to explain for sure I do it my mother-in-law does it my friends do too Whenever I need a point for some idea they run here and look at the point and already think I can copy that point here with a little bit of line, ent They make the point and take it home to make a sweater a shawl, a rug, so this tip if it is valioza for you to keep because I am giving of my whole heart and I am bringing to you this idea of ​​crochet with pattern of Daisy flowers, for you to always be ahead of your time and know various patterns because in the future this can be useful for you and then it is easier to make the work that you will be wanting to do. That's right. Today I bring you this beautiful pattern crochet pattern with lines ideal for the production of a shawl or an open sky blouse, always remembering that for a blouse it is always necessary in this case of a top underneath because this pattern is open and The blouse stays transparent unless you use it for a more stripped-down place that has no problem getting transparent there so it looks very pretty suddenly on a beach in a blouse model for the beach, for an exit in a very interesting park. My dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed it, and I am presenting some images and video tutorials to make it easier for you, and that allows you to pause as many times as necessary. Thank you so much for your feedback. To the next!!! Kisses !!!

Crochet Patterns Stitch basic diagram easy.

Daisy stitch. beautiful to finish a crochet shawl. see some patterns and crochet pattern in a simple way.

Note the crochet stitches on this daisy pattern. and counts according to diagram. follow the pattern and go according to your measurements that you intend to complete.

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