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Hello ... all right with you ... and the weekend went well ... rss. Very happy to be here today one more day to talk about a subject that I love so much that is part of my life, I breathe today, I even dream of it being our daily crochet pattern shop. Today I am here to bring you this beautiful dress for girls that is a classic, the dresses for girls are very beautiful when they dress look like a princess and we are delighted with them, they are really beautiful to see a dress for girls, this dress Besides being a beautiful dress it comes accompanied with accessories that are to complement and make a very elegant look for you to wear in a special moment, you can bet she will look beautiful too. So this dress besides being accompanied by accessories, it has a crochet pattern shop that we call very much these days of crochet trends that are the famous zigzag stitches that is the most talked about lately in the mouth of crocheteras and in the fashion world. The zig zag has a shape after the piece ready as if the pessa had a life of its own, it has movements that are made by crocheteras knots, these points are very intelligent points that invented and will certainly last for a long time still because they already make one Time we are talking about him and he has not gone out of fashion, quite the contrary just going to the blouses, going to the decoration on rugs, on rugs and now we are bringing the zig zag stitch to this beautiful and delicate dress. Delicacy and poetry, and children's fashion certainly this combination is perfect for girls who are growing and who also want to dress so well to the point of leaving the house and people compliment us. This is fantastic!!! Do not waste time do this beautiful dress right now, we bring you the chart and if you have any doubts we can clarify for you as soon as possible. We have on our web site more models of crochet dresses for you to choose the models you like the most, all with graphics to make your life easier. Good loves for today is just tomorrow we have another dress for newborns that I will be presenting also with chart. See you tomorrow. A kiss to all !!! Stay with God!!!!

Simple diagram basic way to make this crochet dress model. see friends some simple points to finish this patterns

Below we have some model and measurements to finish the crochet pattern. pay attention to the line and material used. and your dress measurements.