Beautiful crochet blouse with zig zag pattern

Hello girls ... today one more day, and the week is ending and we have one more idea of ​​standard store crochet points for you to get inspired and start doing this weekend even, attention crocheteras girls do not leave for later, If you liked this beautiful and delicate blouse for the hottest days start to do this weekend or even more calmly this weekend, the stitches are the same, a unique crochet pattern very easy to make the so-called croig zig zag that is Being much talked about and easy to do. It is just practice and you will realize that this point can be used in other crocheted works of rug blouse or dresses as well, we have other ideas of crochet dresses for the summer will be showing to you next time. You may notice that the lines are a more neutral color and can be used for day-to-day wear with jeans or a more stylish shoe for a more special day. You can wear this blouse with a top for women who do not like transparency very much, or for one day at night you can choose a crochet pattern color shop black color who knows to wear on a day at night and with a black bra Underneath, it will look a bit transparent without getting ugly. Today fashion is no longer dictating so many rules, due to the diversity of tastes that we have today in our country and in the world. Today due to the internet you notice that the news arrives much faster on our cell phone tablet, and does not give more time to dictate rules they simply come and return with the same speed, so it is very important to stay tuned and know each other better and to know which Your style, what clothes look best on you what your body, this is very important for you to feel good to be happier and not to be buying a lot of clothes in your unused wardrobe, but be careful, for example one Crochet dress is beautiful, the stitches are very beautiful and are being widely spoken, but you may like one more detail, something of your style, so give yourself the chance to create it is very good for us to do something with our Face, of our taste, crochet also allows us to do this and we have many ideas for you and I am sure you will love, but first see, look well, study, and concentrate to start today to make this blouse with your Ideas. This web site pattern shop is always bringing lines, patterns of crochet blouses for beginners and for the most experienced to be always ahead of your time in the tastes and patterns that we will be presenting. I hope you like my loves. A big kiss!!!