Red crochet vest with free standard

Lately I have shown many beautiful crochet pictures to the baby princesses, and look who are each breathtaking dresses. But today, in particular, I am pleased to present to you dear crocheted friends a beautiful all-over crochet vest with open stitches that need to be worn with a long-sleeved camisole underneath. Well the idea is so that the shirt used underneath is white because the crochet vest is of a more cheerful color and to pass a more refined look. But nothing prevents you from crocheting a white vest and wearing it with a dress, or a shirt of another color. The vest is always welcome in the adult's wardrobe pattern shop, but is much more welcome in a children's wardrobe, an easy-to-do piece with unique stitches, stitches that do not make you spend much of your time pattern shop, With other designs to deliver, or even other designs to give, sure after you make this vest, and give it as a gift to someone you will be so well seen, that everyone will want an order made by you. The standard is easy and you may believe this vest will change your story with crochet being a very prominent piece in the visual, leaving the child very beautiful when she wears a vest, very elegant, for it is always used in a more sophisticated place , To walk, you can be sure that it will look cute. This beautiful pattern shop crochet vest you get here on our web site and you can be sure that you and your friends will love, in case you have doubts do not be discouraged ask, this is no shame doubts we always have we are not perfect, we are always looking for the Perfection, but perfect, we are not, so ask dialogue, you will see how fun it is to make crochet and meet new friends, new ideas, new memories will come from those who taught you and now they are no longer here among us, or that friend who Taught the crochet or teacher of the crochet course that I missed, send pictures, it is a great happiness for us to give us feedback. We are always here to offer you work for beginners crocheteras, or for crocheteras who are always wanting more and more to learn and renew themselves. The crochet is the art of renewing every day with new models, new trends. You will love ... A kiss to all until the next !!!!!