Patchwork Crochet Rug | Free Graphic


Hello girls .... I want to thank you for another opportunity to be able to present beautiful and intelligent crochet work for you. Well first I need to tell you how happy I am today for this beautiful rug that are crochet trends and the work that is done today with the crochet that are the patchwork, which is nothing more than the union of pieces of fabrics of various colors, Various patterns and shapes, thus forming a beautiful geometric design on a rug or work. The patchwork is being a fever for the girls who work with the crochet, or even for the women who make the crochet for love, who like good taste, and those that the basics do not want anymore, they must learn at all costs Work to stay together with others, not to be left behind. Then this is the time to learn this patchwork work, let's learn today this beautiful rug just to start, I will be presenting more pieces during the week on this web site and you will know a little of that crochet work that is being used a lot now Crocheteras on duty. I am presenting in detail this rug I hope you can take advantage of this graphic that is totally free pattern shop, made with 4 mm needles, are cheerful models and with a very clever crochet technique, in case you have doubts get together and learn Together is much more fun and sure, just as we are a great joy to learn together, you surely learn a lot more, make groups of crochet classes this is very important for us women, we need to distract ourselves, we need to move our brains , Many studies talk about crocheting the effects that this art influences on our lifestyle, our body, our mind, then more than a new technique, our health is at stake here, and you may believe that it is very worthwhile , The joy of finished work is priceless. Friends, I hope you like this free crochet pattern shop job, thank you for supporting us so much. And a great week for all of you ... A kiss on the heart !!!! To the next!!!!!

Graph with complete step by step. see friends your measurements to finish this crochet model. Basic mat for beginners.

Simple techniques for crocheting pattern. see the diagram and size table to start the model in a simple way. ideas and crochet graphics.