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I felt very excited to introduce you to this beautiful owl rug. All done manually in crochet lines a classic for women and much talked about that are the owls. They are everywhere, they have become a fever. When we look at a little owl, we remember our mother, grandmother, who are loved and overprotective, the owls are charming and very delicate, so I'm sure you will love making these little owls from crohê pattern shop.

Crochet rugs are warmly welcomed to the environment, can be placed anywhere in your home from the kitchen even in a cozy corner in your room, and as I have said are very delicate and gives a very kind air to those who Look. 

That's why we are pleased to present to you this beautiful owl rug, you can make it in a double owl, or the owls, or they can also be made in a circle as in the beautiful image above.

The pineapple points are points that start the rug.
Pineapple stitches are well known for crocheters. They are open stitches and easy to make. Enjoy and see the step by step below. Don't forget to share your work with us. We are very happy to help our friends who are wanting to learn the craft.

Beautiful crochet rug with videos and step by step. with crochet tips and techniques. see some basic and easy patterns Simple crochet tutorial. see carefully.

Crochet rug
Crochet Patterns easy model rug 

Crochet Touls. Materials:

01 crochet hook
01 small pointed scissors
01 white thread for pineapple stitches.
01 red thread to crochet the owl.
01 line in blue or green for finishing.

The important thing is to please yourself and start what you can not leave for tomorrow. Do not leave it for tomorrow, start it right now, talk to your friends in this crochet circle, get your doubts and cheer up on this lovely carpet of lovely little owls. We always present to you new jobs with trends for you that are starting to learn already with the new trends and get the rítimo. Or for veteran crocheteras sure to just look at this rug can already do for sure, you can only ask your questions with our video tutorial. That depending on the difficulty can pause the video and do it more calmly.

This video we are presenting to you with 2 parts so you have more peace of mind to learn the right points. For today it is this, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you can make the most of this crochet pattern shop technique that we are presenting today, and that you always remember that we from this crochet world have a gift that comes from the heavens, and we must take advantage To the maximum because it is something inexplicable the joy that I feel when I finish a job, and I see how beautiful it was, I can not even believe it was myself that I did. That's why friends I bring to you with all my heart, with much love. Until next time ... a kiss !!!!