Heart Pattern | with Free Graphic


Hello ... I thought of something elegant to present to you today in this pattern shop, and I came into my head a shawl, but it could not be any shawl, it must be an elegant shawl, different from the other crochet patterns that we see so much around , So I found this beautiful pattern of crochet with heart points, so I was impressed with the technique that was presented, it is a novelty created that after you make this crochet pattern, you can use this technique with other models not only the shawl, You can wear it in a sweater, in a centerpiece, any other idea is very beautiful because it is a technique that involves heart, everyone falls in love when they observe a job like this, so I was so happy today to put this technique to you. A shawl you can wear in any environment, any environment, just be careful in choosing the right crochet thread yarns, because the shawls need to be made with fine yarns to give that look light and sleek, the brightest yarn one Shorter shawl is more appropriate, or in case you start making this crochet to wear with a pair of jeans in more casual environments, then you can use your crochet shawl with even standard thread yarn, as it is an open sky pattern He looks very handsome as part of the look, he should stand out even in a half-season blouse or a T-shirt. To go to the tour in the park is very romantic, to use with the family in a lunch, it is very chic and elegant, you can be sure that if this shawl is made by you all will ask, and you will love it even more. So do not waste time and start today to make this heart pattern shop is very easy with the step by step below you can have lots of ideas about this beautiful heart crochet pattern. Until next time, my loves, I hope you enjoy ... A kiss !!!!

Simple crochet stitches to finish this pattern. see your measurements and get started.

See the simple points as it is. simple to start this crochet model. basic with step by step stitching and counting

Diagram with counting of these crochet stitches. look carefully at the models. see your measurements right. and finishes the crochet closing according to the chart