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Girls !!!! Look how beautiful this coral blouse was made for you who likes to innovate. We are very happy to be part of this dream with you. With these news you are prepared to dream each day higher. We have several models of crochet. All with graphics and pattern shop materials for you to make your own fashion style, or for you that has its own stylist, who likes to innovate always; There is a very nice pattern shop tip for you to stay every day feeling elegant with this beautiful blouse, which besides being very comfortable, it gives an elegant air all day to day and for your look. Do not forget that the line for making the blouse or any other piece is very important to start any job. When you start a piece you need to finish with the same ball or buy the line at once, because a ball of thread can make a difference in color to the other ball, short this tip that will be very valuable for you that is coming in head In this world of crocheteras. You can use the number 3 needle that is very fit for this job. Below are several pictures with the step by step to follow you and make it easier for you or if you have doubts consult a friend closer to our circle that you will surely have the answer soon. Thank you all for the great affection we are receiving each day we send the publications. It's a great satisfaction working with these jobs that I love so much and being able to share with you is being an incredible experience. We are available for further clarification and for questions ... Even more kisses !!!!

Red thread croche blouse. see some ideas and crochet patterns yarns

Croche blouse diagram. graphic and simple step by step techniques of the crochet pattern.

Look at the crochet table. I loved friends! in this graph I finished my model. see the details of my blouse project i made. start with this step by step