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Perfect Blouse. Very very very nice shirt Graphic

Girls !!!! Look how beautiful this coral blouse was made for you who likes to innovate. We are very happy to be part of this dream with you. With these news you are prepared to dream each day higher. We have several models of crochet. All with graphics and pattern shop materials for you to make your own fashion style, or for you that has its own stylist, who likes to innovate always; There is a very nice pattern shop tip for you to stay every day feeling elegant with this beautiful blouse, which besides being very comfortable, it gives an elegant air all day to day and for your look. Do not forget that the line for making the blouse or any other piece is very important to start any job. When you start a piece you need to finish with the same ball or buy the line at once, because a ball of thread can make a difference in color to the other ball, short this tip that will be very valuable for you that is coming in head In this world of crocheteras. You can use the number 3 needle that is very fit for this job. Below are several pictures with the step by step to follow you and make it easier for you or if you have doubts consult a friend closer to our circle that you will surely have the answer soon. Thank you all for the great affection we are receiving each day we send the publications. It's a great satisfaction working with these jobs that I love so much and being able to share with you is being an incredible experience. We are available for further clarification and for questions ... Even more kisses !!!!


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Winter Blanket Crochet

Hello girls, today I have one more crochet pattern by Sophie "Ama Lilla Bjorn. This pattern of crochet is simply wonderful, I received from a group of quilt patchwork that I have on facebook, and simply loved this pattern I even decided to post on our web site because I'm sure all the friends will like it very much, it's a crochet retail blanket with different colors, but all colors one tone. Blue is the color that reminds you of family, reminds you baby, reminds you of a bedroom. Very lovely this pattern of crochet including a step-by-step PDF of a catwalk and accompanied by a video for you that needs a more detailed step-by-step of this beautiful patchwork quilt crochet blanket. For the friends who accompany us, today I have published weekly crochet patterns that stand out most in our classes and can be sure that you will love these models that are very indicated by us students of patchwork. We take great pride and pleasure in making new circles of friends who enjoy th…

Crochet Afghan Pyramid

Hello girls, all right with you. Let's learn how to make this beautiful 3D quilt with colorful and very cheerful yarn lines. These crochet lines will give a very different touch to your room, for sure you'll love it. This afghan pyramid quilt really looks like a painting, a work of art. It is rich in information and for those who like art will love and for sure you will want to learn how to make this lovely crochet quilt. You will realize that the points are all in the same way you just need to follow the step by step that I will present to you. I advise you to choose colors that combine, for example white, red, blue, cheerful colors, so that the dots combine, and make the look harmonious, so look for a more suitable person to buy the colors of the lines, you will notice which will be making a quilt of your taste and with the model that I will be presenting below. Remember to do it yourself, if I succeeded, surely you can too. One kiss until the next.


Free Crochet Kaleidoscope Square

Hello girls, today I am pleased to present to you the Kaleidoscope crochet. Wowww this is a crochet novelty for crocheteras on duty. Its a very interesting crochet square. Crush !!!! I'm bewitched in this crochet blanket pattern !!! The kaleidoscope for those who do not know are crochet patterns that have a very interesting graphic like when we look inside a kaleidoscope. A very beautiful and fun pattern to make. Surely this crochet blanket will make your bed much more beautiful and within the new style of fashion that we have in recent times. I got this picture of a crochet lover friend just like me, so I decided to share with you that I know you like it the way I do the crochet. This latest news from kaleidoscope that are talking so much in social media. Today we have thousands of graphics crochet tutorials and every day more are more publicized due to social networks, people who enjoy are learning more every day, because nowadays the access is very fast and the step by step is…