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Hello!!!!!! Girls ... this yellow crochet blouse, open skies, is to sweep around during the day on a promenade. This pattern shop model has no sleeves, very elegant trim, and gives a more sophisticated look because of the collar a little high, which if worn with a jacket looks very chic. The basis is very important to get a job, so the pattern shop also brought you the part graph to get you started working very safely. This base of the crochet blouse you can use on other pieces also for sure, so enjoy this graphic to learn this beautiful blouse from own manufacturing pattern shop, and also to learn how to make new designs using that same graphic. We at the pattern shop have the great pleasure to offer you beautiful blouse models, crochet patterns for the environment, creative ideas with crochet yarn, you will fall in love, every day we bring new things and every day you will update More in the charts that we have in the patern shop, we are always ahead of our time. Today we have experience of women who only with a look can already make a sweater with a graphic. But remember that crochet requires a lot of patience and love in what you do. This blouse is an idea worth starting because the crochet pattern is easy and much faster than others who need more skills. The color of the blouse is being used a lot these days, and it is well combined with any piece of clothing, an almost neutral tone that suits everything. Do not forget to buy a line of pattern shop from your trust, if in case you are starting to look for help, research and buy a line so that your work is more valued. This is the tip of today for you beautiful crochet hands of fairy ... Good morning to you !!! Kisses !!!!

Beautiful crocheted blouse. Graphic template for step by step simple crocheting shape.

Blouse diagram chart. simple pattern to finish. see according to your model. follow your measurements to finish.