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Hello girls!!!! Today we are bringing another super interesting novelty that is the yarn rug from there. A super pattern shop idea that you will fall in love with. Certainly for crocheteras on duty you will endorse a lot in other jobs that can also be used with pompom from there. See pattern shop how you can use in an environment to innovate your decoration with pompoms from there, and how easy it is to do, you can use in colorful pompoms that leaves the environment much more joyful and comfortable, warmth is the word with a decoration pattern shop Made of wool pompoms. Another thing is that you can use the pompoms of various sizes and follow their crispness, just have a roller, scissors and a tapestry screen. 1- Separate the materials to make the pompom rug. 2- Take the roll of toilet paper, snapping your fingers firmly and start wrapping the yarn so much that the pompom looks very sweet in the final result. In the end you wrapped the wool in the two rolls of toilet paper, you need to knot the wool. Next, you take out the roll of toilet paper from the wool, tie one more knot in the wool to tighten the yarn, do not cut the ends of the wool for now. 3- Now use your imagination pattern shop to tie the wool pompoms on your screen, use many colors or use a color only, go from your taste pattern shop, the environment you will use. Feel free. In the images follows an example of carpet but in the pattern shop you find several models for all tastes. Enjoy and innovate your home, your decor with your own hands, this rug is very fast to be made and you can sell it for very good price, enjoy this tip. A kiss to all !!!!

Crochet Patterns: On the whole, all you’ll need to get up and running is: A Wooden Frame Colored Yarn of Your Choosing A Good Pair of Scissors

See this tutorial explaining step by step this beautiful model croche pom pom easy