How to Crochet Leaf.


Hello girls!!!! Come learn how to make your own leaves. In this tutorial you will discover techniques and basic stitches for making leaves of different shapes and sizes. 

Have fun choosing colors and threads to make your work look amazing. Impress everyone with your craft talent.

Surely for the crocheters on duty you will endorse a lot in other works that can also be used as decoration for your home.

See in the mold store how you can use it in an environment to innovate your decoration with leaves for an incredible tablecloth. 

As it is easy to make, you can use it on leftover wool yarn and make the environment much more cheerful and comfortable.

Cozy is the word with a pattern decoration Made from woolen threads.

I've always really enjoyed making crochet roses. But I never got a pattern to make the leaves so all my crochet flowers were without the leaves.

I realized something was missing. Then I discovered an autumn leaf pattern that we have on our website and there I found what I was looking for.

The crochet sheets for my tablecloth. Now I share with you this beautiful pattern.

In my opinion he is one of the most beautiful on the site. I keep looking at these crochet sheets and I fall in love with this work.

Crochet Leaf


Don't waste time friends! Grab your thread and your crafting skills and get started in this enchanted world of crafts today. 

Surprise yourself with the result of your gifts and have fun with the beautiful finished leaves.

Dedicate yourself and have patience and dedication. Crochet is a technique that needs time for your work to get better and better. 

Over time your work and your points get better every day. Let's create beautiful crochet leaves together.

In general, all you need to get started is:

2mm crochet hook.

Colored yarn of your choice size 3.

A good pair of scissors.

Another thing is that you can use the threads of different sizes. Just have a roll, 1 Scissors. 

1- Separate the materials to make the crochet sheets. 

2- Take the yarn, snapping your fingers firmly and start winding both the yarn and make the first chain.

Crochet Leaf

Easy Crochet

It looks pretty cute in the end result. In the end you wrapped the yarn around the two. 

You need to knot the wool. Tie another knot in the yarn to tighten the thread, don't cut the ends of the yarn just yet.

3- Now use your mold shop imagination to tie the leaves onto your tablecloth. Use many colors or use a single color, go with your standard store taste. 

The environment you are going to use. Feel free. In the images, there is an example of a rug, but in the mold shop you will find several models for all tastes.

Enjoy and innovate your home, your decoration with your own hands, these crochet sheets are very quick to make and you can sell them for a very good price, take advantage of this tip.

See this tutorial explaining step by step this beautiful model Crochet Leaf.


See also some models of box stitch crochet patterns. You will love the patterns. Share your work with us. We are very happy to share these crochet patterns. 

Crochet is a millennium art and we are happy to be part of this wonderful place. Crochet is my life. Remember if I learned you can learn too!