Hello girls, today I'll send you another beautiful crochet blouse with open stitches for you to fall in love with. Always on this web site we bring new trends of models for all tastes. Girlfriends delight in this romantic and seductive blouse that is very easy to pattern shop with the color yarns of your choice and you will find that the wearing time is very fast because the open stitches are quick to make. But never forget to choose quality crochet yarns so your piece will appreciate even more. Some types of yarn when they are washed they stain and you may run the risk of losing a precious work, your time, and your sweater you made with so much care. This blouse should be worn with a lining underneath or a top for those who are more stripped, gives a seductive air and you will look beautiful with this pattern shop model. Another detail in the piece is this lashing on the side that provides a more pointed look in the silhouette to leave you leaner. You can leave the shorter blouse, or sleeves if you prefer. The colors in the pieces are also very welcome for this year in the crochet pattern shop. I hope you have enjoyed it, we will always have news for you that has good taste. Kisses to all !!!! To the next!!!

Croche step by step. simply learn this model. I found the crochet stitches easy.

Basic simple pattern with diagram for making the stitches used in the crochet blouse. see more details and ideas.