See ambience decoration with beautiful crochet cushion

Hello, today let us know a very useful point for crocheteras, which is the so-called popcorn point. Popcorn Point is a name that is given to the point forming a texture, like a relief in dot pattern. As it is a very easy point I decided to present to you with this cushion model, which will draw much attention to the people you invite to your home. Beyond beautiful and easy is a point that is nice to do and yields more in the finish of his work. You can work this point with other pieces, which you can find on this web site, for example the bags are also very used with this point because they give a chic look in the piece. This point begins by making a very low point by pulling the open loop through the first point that is already on the needle. Okay, that's the popcorn spot. Detail the pattern shop of the popcorn point is usually separated by at least two or three chains not to load much the piece, as the picture below shop pattern on display. If you work with a thicker line the work will end even faster, in the case of pattern shop cushions are thicker lines that are faster to make. We are always new to website, hope you have liked the idea today. Hugs !!!