Crochet Stitch Easy | Sweater Patterns


Hello girls ... today we will learn how to make this beautiful crochet cardigan sweater very practical pattern shop. I recommend it for colder days and for a trip it can get very stylish as a wildcard in your wardrobe. We at the shop always innovating for you with news on this web site for you to stay more beautiful each day. A very worn piece with this jacket is jens, it looks very beautiful combined with a scarpan. As you may realize this point of yarn patter does not have much secret, the stitches are open stitches needing to be worn with one piece underneath for a perfect look. Every practical and elegant woman needs to have a cardigan in her closet. And this crochet pattern shop cardigan is an example of how you can look stylish and stylish with a piece made by your own hands. They can be made in various colors according to your style and taste. There are other cardigans on this web site, check it out and have fun in this world of crochet you will love and feel amazed at every step, every novelty we are bringing you will see how easy it is to do and enjoy seeing a work done by yourself. Until girls !!!! Kisses !!!!

Simple diagram to understand. the default and basic model. understand the points to start making your model

We have a diagram here for friends to make to this measure and finish. we didn't find a tutorial. but follow the crochet pattern for your measurements.