Hello girls, this crochet dress is cute ... I fell in love with it because of its delicacy of colors. The stitches I also found very interesting pattern shop the dot model in the pattern shop, a simpler idea and that leaves the dress look lighter. Some girls accept that mother make effects and dress in lacy dresses. But some girls do not like much accessories, especially when they are still babies, they take out and the mother who wants to spruce up for a birthday ends up getting frustrated, because before arriving at the party she has already removed all the hair clips and does not want that clothes anymore and Cries, so it's important to know what dress you should put on your girl before going to a party or a family lunch. This dress model is light and does not have many details ideal for young children. The simplicity of it is that it gives a sweet and beautiful look. For those who have the knack of crocheting pattern shop for sure can make this dress beautiful in a magic pass, because the stitches are simple and easy to make. We always bring ideas and models in crochet for you to stay even further ahead of your time pattern shop. Kisses to all !!!!

Baby croche dress diagram. Basic model for beginners. see the chart and learn in a simple way the dress according to your measurements.

2-year-old babies. this measure is very easy to do. learn the most used stitches here and get ideas to finish your dress model. I found this pattern very cute. note the points here on the diagram.