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Hello girls, today we have one more idea in the crochet pattern shop to make your home even more beautiful with this crochet decoration that is being used a lot these days. You can use many models that you find in this web site some of them that day to day we are presenting to you. This model of rug depending on the pattern yarn shop you can use more than one in the same environment, this will help you in the decoration of the house. As long as the pattern crochet yarns are not too large you can use it in pairs that gives a harmony in the environment. The proposal of this heart-shaped pattern shop model was to present neutral threads and the delicacy of detail in heart that gives a very beautiful finish and elegance to the piece and the environment. Today our idea is to follow a model of simple crochet and that can be practiced by beginner women without difficulties. Not to mention that a piece with stitches made of simple chains and yarns of neutral colors leaves the environment very precious and a modern air with pattern crochet shop points. You will love. Do it yourself and you will see the power of your own hands. Kisses Kisses!!!!

Basic crochet diagram. see below the measurements of this step by step crochet mat. learn the stitches used in this pattern.

Friends, I found this model very simple to finish. fast! but it needs to be very well calculated. Watch the crochet stitch count carefully.