Crochet Shawl | Free Patterns


Hello girls... I found this beautiful model of crochet shawl pattern shop that is being very visualized by crocheteras on call, in addition to being very easy and fast to do, with three different threads of the same brand pattern shop you can make this beautiful shawl, and the Pattern shop line yarns can not be too thick, are more delicate threads of yarn, number 4, crochet needle 5mm, yarn have 70% acrylic and 30% wool composition, you can also Merge it with row number 4 and number 5 yarns gets a job also very beautiful with the blended yarns, so the work finalize more elegant to the looks of the beholder. I'm finishing another shawl here with a secret point, in a few days I'll post it for you, it's very beautiful too and delicate, give a soft air you'll see. I made this shawl and I'll tell you it suits everything, it is very beautiful a charm when I use, and you do not waste time and do because it looks beautiful. You can do with the yarn that you have at home, do not even have to buy it, it can be one color only, colorful, it 's your taste, to match that basic piece you have in the wardrobe. You will love!!!! Always on our website we have new pattern shop for you to always stay ahead with easy recipe tips for you to innovate with crochet graphics, sweaters, rugs, dresses for princesses, and ideas for decorating your home. Do not waste time and make this recipe yourself so easy and fast. Until the next girls !!!! A Kiss to all !!!!

Basically learn this step by step. elegant crocheted shawl with easy stitches.

easy shawl crochet stitches. the step by step models with the chart. see your measurements and do as per the diagram.