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Hello crocheteras girls on call. You who are aware of this web site have already realized that we are always showing sweaters that are pattern shop trends for this next season. Today we brought a beautiful blue sky crochet shop pattern with open stitches for you to look even more beautiful and elegant. These open stitches give the elegant and sensual air the piece without being vulgar and has a sleeve that allows a more discreet look, despite the blue color that matches all the colors. You will love making this crochet pattern shop top. Each day we are introducing more news to you. This crochet piece asks for a second skin for a more sophisticated look and blends well with a pair of jeans. You can also use a mixture of colors that you like to make the clothes even more beautiful. You choose your taste. Below is the graph to further facilitate your work. You notice that the pattern shop piece after the yarn is ready gives a very nice trim leaving the piece with an air love. I hope you enjoy and enjoy this beautiful blouse. Kisses Kisses!!!!

Blouse template croche stitch diagram. take a closer look at the crocheting step by step. I found it very simple for beginners.

Simple diagram! see your blouse measurements and learn from this chart how to finish your model according to this one.