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This is a lovely white delicate yarn blouse. It is certainly an important piece for women because it has a model that combines with several occasions. Check out this crochet shop pattern with step by step, for women who have this incredible gift of crocheting, on this web site you will find varied models of blouses and skirts, handbags, dresses for you to get each day more beautiful, And the most important thing, done by yourself, is that there is nothing better than being praised for a piece you are wearing and saying it was you who made it. I really like crochet in the decoration of the house, in the pieces of clothes, it stays Very stylish you wear a ripped or more basic jeans with a beautiful shoe and to finalize a piece of standard crocheted blouse like that of the picture. You're going to be friends. You can be sure that everyone will look at you and tell you where you got this beautiful piece. I liked it very much and you will have many compliments you can bet

See the simple crochet chart for this blouse model. very easy to start crocheting. watch.

Diagram for crochet stitches of this model. see ideas and step by step of this crochet pattern in a simple way for beginners.