See that beautiful blouse made in crochet Shop with a standard easy elegant

See beautiful girls this shirt here in the shop. pattern this is very easy to do. I left this graphic qui below for friends aconpanharem. put this blouse is made of some segredinhus more is easy to do. see here in the shop website. Below the photo is the graph of this beautiful blouse with crochet pattern easy to do girls. yellow blouse made up with a wire detail below with thicker wire ... will be beautiful ... like a friend of mine says, this point seems florets secret lace! Now I'm doing all the secret point ... I thought it was more beautiful .... besides giving more work ... all parts of the blouse with slip stitch. Make as graphic at the neckline and cuffs below the graph here in standard shop. and following this chart is very similar to this model photo girls. I found this very elegant and easy blouse to do. so I posted here for friends also make this standard on the website of the shop.. see there