Crochet Flower | with Recyclables Patterns

Today I'm sure we crocheters pattern shop, and we contribute to the preservation of nature. Constantly we have proof of that. Today I will be presenting to you friends a crochet flower pattern. And to show how the crochet pattern can interact with other creative ways, see the solution found for seals of aluminum cans. All turned into flowers by crochet hook. This is not a wonderful gift that God gives each one of those women who do so much for the family today works out of home care of children of her own and still finds time to develop so creativity. It is amazing how the woman not to. I am very happy to belong to this duty crocheters circle pattern shop and hope you enjoy this easy and very beautiful view with a very special gesture to preserve the environment. I hope you enjoy this new pattern shop for you always looking to innovate with new tips and ideas for you. Thanks!!! 

See the stitches used in this recyclable crochet work. I thought it was very important to have a step by step to explain it in a simple way.

Basic template to finish. observe the step by step of this beginning of the crochet stitch. basic explanation for model.