Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial


Today I am sure that we crocheters create patterns and contribute to the preservation of nature. We constantly have evidence of this. Today I will be introducing you friends to a Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial pattern.

I am in love with this crochet bulky pattern. They are pillow patterns that give a wonderful effect in an environment. It looks beautiful and is very easy to make. You need to learn step by step and watch tutorial to learn this pattern. Don't waste time and learn this beautiful crochet pattern yourself.

This 10 point flower crochet pattern you can decorate your home, bedroom or living room. You can also use it in the kitchen to support pots, it looks beautiful on the table. This crochet stitch many women already know but can't imagine how easy it is to do. Just with the step by step you will be able to do it. For beginner friends, I suggest watching the video and slowly making your flower model.

Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial
Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial

Isn't it a wonderful gift that God gives to each of these women who do so much for the family today work outside the home taking care of the children and still find time to develop so much creativity. 

It's amazing how women don't. I am very happy to belong to this crocheters circle pattern site on duty and I hope you enjoy this easy and very beautiful view with a very special gesture to preserve the environment. I hope you like this flower mold pillow for you. We always seek to innovate with new tips and ideas for you.

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We have models of sunflowers, crochet blouse with pineapple stitch, blanket for baby, dress for girls and much more. We are happy to work with crafts and be able to share work from amazing people like this. Thank you all so much!!!!


1 crochet hook

1 small pointed scissors

3 colors of different lines that combine with each other. 

The effect of the flowers is very beautiful with different colors.


frsc = baseline low point 

sc = simple crochet 

ch = chain bl = back loop
Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial

This beautiful flower is made all in circles. Work stitches on the magic ring. The image shows that the mold is made in circles. Do not break the wires.

Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial
Crochet Tutorial

Make a loop and another loop on the hook. That's 10 points. as per the picture.

Make the loop and back in the pattern without removing the needle. 

Make 10 petals and notice that the pattern is soft, but rest assured it will fall into place once you finish the pattern.
Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial
Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial

Make 3 more rows with the next color you chose for your flower and see how soft your flower is, but don't worry, we're finishing the job.


To finish the work, make the corners with chain stitches with a finishing color. Usually done with a third thread in the color you choose.

Start making chains from the wrong side. Make the chains and twist the points to form the petals and see how the result is appearing.

Make a union of the two points to finish the finish.

Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial
Flowers Hot Pad Tutorial

A flower full of volume is ready to be used. I love these crochet patterns that keep us guessing. They are classic patterns and easy to make. 
Easy stitches for beginners. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful work. Enjoy girls!!! To the next!!!