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With this pattern shop easy to do just by bending both sides of crochet pattern shop and redo the points side. All ready to use and warm feet on cold days. To warm the feet can be used for men and children. A very useful idea. I'm sure you will like and give to a friend. Start making. We have models below for you to follow a standard to not to miss the first time, but then follow their own pattern shop, you will love this news. We are always with ideas to innovate and always with practicality to make life easier. I hope you enjoy this pattern shop. Kisses to everyone!!!!! MATERIALS: *Worsted weight yarn. The yarn used in this project is “Touring” colors nr.303-gray and nr.001-white by Lang Yarns. You can find a wide selection of Worsted weight yarns *Size 4.00mm crochet hook *Stitch markers *4 Buttons *Tapestry needle STITCH EXPLANATIONS: *Slip stitch (sl st) *Chain (ch) *Stitch (st), stitches (sts) *Single Crochet (sc) *Raised Single Crochet (raised sc)

Patterns Easy Crochet *Half Double Crochet (hdc) *Double Crochet (dc) *Front Post Double Crochet Decrease (fpdc dec)

 10sc x 10sc = 2,3 (width) x 1,8 (length) inches
 NB! You will definitely need to gauge to get the sizing right. SOLE: With double strands of gray yarn ch 11, sc 2 in 2nd ch from hook, 8 sc, sc 4 into the last ch. Now work opposite side of the foundation chain. 8 sc, sc 2 into the last ch. Do not join, you will start next round by crocheting straight into the first stitch. (24 sts) Row 2: sc across. Row 3: sc 3 in first st, sc 3 in the next st, 10 sc, sc 3 in the next 2 sts, 10 sc. (32 sts) Row 4: hdc across. Row 5: 2 sc, sc 3 in the next 2 sts, 14 sc, sc 3 in the next 2 sts, 12 sc. Sl st into the first st and fasten off. (40 sts) TOE: From the tip of the sole count 9 stitches to one side and 9 stitches to the other side. Mark the 9th stitch from both sides with a stitch marker. You will now work with the 18 stitches between the stitch markers. Starting from the left side attach white yarn to the stitch marked with a stitch marker, and slip stitch across to the other marked stitch in back loops only. (18 stitches) Row 1: ch2, turn, dc across in the front loops only.

Row 2: turn but do not chain, work fpdc dec across. Row 3: turn but do not chain, work bpdc dec across. Fasten off. Attach double strands of white yarn at the back of the boot and sc across the edge in the back loops only. Now with single strand of white yarn make one row of raised sc, sl st into the first st and fasten off. WRAP: With white yarn ch 34, hdc in the 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (32 hdc) Row 2: ch2, turn, hdc across in the back loops only. Row 3: ch2, turn, hdc across in the front loops only. Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the piece measures 6.5 inches. Crochet the first and last row together to form a tube. Now placing the seam at the back of the boot sew the wrap around the edge of the boot. Add decorative buttons to the outer side of the boot.