Easy Crochet Bag Crochet Tutorial


The crochet pattern handmade bag always attract our eyes. They are very original models and complement our wardrobe with its sophisticated air.

We have on our website crochet bag models for all tastes. We like varieties of mini bags crochet or leather handbags but the new thing is prada crochet handbags.

Stitch Crochet

Prada mini bags crochet are very practical to use and colorful bags give a special touch to your look. You can put a liner according to the color of the crochet pattern shop thread and a thinner cloth for the play become more sophisticated.

In recent years, stylists have used many handcrafted accessories in their work. I thought it was wonderful because crafts are part of my life. But lately I've seen a lot of stylists and fashionistas using crochet patterns as their main accessory at fashion events all over the world. It makes me very confident and happy.

Many friends, including me who write this today, want to have a bag like this in our wardrobe. Wonderful, but thinking that we can do it with our own hands is even more rewarding.

Basic crochet model. see the measurements of this easy-to-do pattern. diagram available for ideas
handmade bag
prada crochet bag

Crochet Bag Handbag is a very simple model to make. Follow the tutorial and see the sizes for you to learn. This bag model is an open stitch and can be transparent. 

Some friends prefer to put a fabric to make the lining. It looks pretty too. But be careful not to put a lining in a different color than the bag.

The lining needs to be discreet and thin so as not to show on the outside.


A needle size 3.5mm or 4mm 
A scissor A row number 6. 
Choose a cheerful color that you like. 
Prada handbags are usually colorful.
Size 27 x 28 cm.

Step by step for beginners:

Start with 51 chains. Make 4 chain + double crochet + chain.
Continue with single crochets, skipping a base stitch and a double crochet. Make a base point and a high point. Make the net stitch in 11 rows. Start with 12 rows of squares.
handmade bag
Crochet Handbag

Crochet Handbag
Prada Crochet Bag

Below we share a video explaining step by step for our beginner friends. For the crocheters who have been working for a while. 

I believe the tutorial they can use, but if you have any doubts, enjoy and watch the video. We have other very beautiful crochet bag models that we are going to leave here for you to learn.

handmade bag

Discover some models of crochet blankets, blouses, kaleidoscope blankets, Tunisian stitches and much more. Share with your friends, call your family and learn this technique. 

I'm sure everyone will love it. Remember, if I can do it, you can too.