Crocheted Sandal | Simple Model Basic

See all this shoe worked in crochet pattern shop handmade. When we talk about protection for your feet if you want to have a light, soft and stylish shoe that is an option. You can put the style and colors of your liking. The leather soles can also be added to keep your shoes in the best foma. With this easy crochet pattern just redo the points on the sides, you will fall in love. In winter the feet need to be heated and in the summer they need to be protected. Can be used by adults or children they are always spoken of a multitude of models, cloth or crochet leather shoes always has its own style. I hope you enjoy this beautiful delicate shoe and modernly crochet pattern shop. Kiss!!!!

Simple crochet template. this sandal and I start on that basis. It's quite simple. if you have a measure to finish this pattern it is simple crochet stitch.

Check your measurements and do it according to this crochet pattern. thin finished very pretty girlfriends. see how simple.