Crochet bag for Valentine's Day

This beautiful crochet pattern shop bag made in neutral color with flower details. Beautiful for the day to day simple to make for those who already have practice in a crochet pattern shop. For those who are new, just follow the chart and the video can also do it. To give more glamor when playing, the handles can be replaced by leather straps. As strips of images are strips of bamboo, a sustainable and very useful material to be used without harming the environment. Grandma's square crochet is very beautiful and romantic for everyday use. I really like bags in neutral colors and I think it's a charm for all seasons of the year.

Crochet chart. see how to make this bag model with crocheted flowers in a simple way. Simple diagram for beginners.

Crochet is used a lot for people who have depression, it makes life much more joyful and when you finish a piece the joy is enormous. 

That's why I highly recommend you to start with this granny square crochet tutorial so you can see how easy it is and the work ends very quickly. Start today with the squares and you will see how easy it is to make. 

Grandma's square bags are often used with a fabric lining inside, because the grandma's square can open a bag, so we indicate a fabric inside to line a bag preferably in the same color as the crochet thread. This bag is beautiful and for those who are starting and who love the crochet store, the step by step will be easier.

Croche bag. follows your measurements for the model. lots of croche flower ideas. if you don't. look here on the website. we will have flower models for decoration. I loved this crochet bag.

Crochet yarn, 100% cotton (LL 50g / 125m) in white (or other colors), -> approx. 10-12 balls #3 crochet hook 2 different cotton fabrics 1.5 x 1 m or other as desired a large piece of paper 1.5 mx 1 m (e.g. wrapping paper) Pencil, scissors, cloth needle, sewing needle, white thread, pins sewing machine iron 2 bamboo handles or similar You need 24 square crochet granny's for this bag. 13cm long or 5" tall.

As soon as you finish the first tutorial, note below that you will need to join the two parts of the square and for that it must be exactly the same size. Look at the granny square in PDF and see how easy it is.

After making the granny squares you need to measure the fabric lining. It needs to be exactly the same size. Then you need to place the crochet squares on top of the fabric cloth and measure with a pencil to get the correct measurement.

After you've finished sewing the two parts together. You need to choose the handle model. In the photo above the bag has the bamboo handle that you can find in any craft store. But you can also find the leather handle. Both look great for this type of bag.

Below you will find the complete tutorial of this beautiful crochet bag.