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This beautiful crochet pattern shop blouse conveys a visual delicate classic and feminine. Some people prefer open plots where the work is quite evident that certainly calls for a blouse lining underneath. basic blouse that always used to use, very delicate, so you still feel more desire to produce their own pieces. This beautiful pattern shop and easy job to do is free. The good is that this blouse is a blouse not too hot to be used in the summer for sure. We have this beautiful work pattern shop to motrar the pattern shop we are always forward and bring elegance with step by step support and graphics. I hope you can enjoy this beautiful blouse. Kisses.

Crochet chart. finished blouse. see ideas from this diagram to finalize your model. Simple way look at the base of the chart of this model friends.

I found this model of crocheting blouse very simple. the pattern of the graph and the measure of the photo. follow your measurements for this model of crocheted blouse.