Beautiful crochet blouse with a sophisticated designer. Accompany or graphic.


Every woman should have at least one crochet blouse in her wardrobe. It is a piece that can be used with several models, it can be sort or long, and can be used open or closed according to your preferred mold shop. 

Crochet blouses come in a variety of store colors from light patterns and muted colors to dark and elegant. You can match your crochet blouse with a cute necklace pattern shop and a white blouse and matching accessories. 

They can be seen with bags, collarless and with different decorahtions. Jeans with open pattern shop cardigans in bright colors are perfect, as they are open on the body and harmonize the silhouette.

These pieces can match prints on shop skirts or pants, leggings, blouses or tank tops, the important thing is the combination of colors and length. Certainly this piece that turned 70 will last longer than you think. 

I have a lot of clothes that can be used on a special occasion. How many blouses that can be worn casually. I certify that this shell shaped blouse model is an example. They can also be used for praia. Beautiful physique. 

When you are traveling and want to go to a hotel at the end of the week, you will be able to wear a blouse like that to drink. Super elegant ficara. It is certain that this is a blouse model that you will love. Friends essa blouse and a coringa blouse. 

Pretty fica on any occasion. Take advantage of this pattern and guarantee your blouse. This pattern in the shape of a crochet shell is very elegant and makes you even more beautiful. Minha Irmã is working on a blouse pattern like this logo, we will share that blouse with you.

Many brands are using this modeling of pieces on the catwalks because it is versatile and leaves a woman so beautiful.

The crochet blouse is a very feminine piece. If you use this piece in the right way you will greatly appreciate your body. This crochet piece is a piece that becomes transparent and therefore looks beautiful. 

 Then you can wear a thin strap blouse under the same color as the crochet blouse you are going to make.

Now you will be very well dressed and with a feminine look without transparencies!!! For those who are familiar with the crochet pattern, you can enjoy many models on our web site; there are a variety of graphics and recipes.

This web site are models of crochet patterns that I receive and share with my dear friends, lovers of this crochet technique. I want to thank our friend crochêlinhasagulhas@ who made this beautiful pattern available and say thank you very much for sharing it with us. 

You'll find crochet blouses, crochet blanket, cardigan, crochet amigorumi, tablecloths, crochet souplat and more.

The models are varied, they can be current, varied wefts, threads and colors that delight.

Remember: Each piece is beautiful with a perfect match. Below this model that brings detail with a transparency that gives a special touch to the look. 

I hope you like it and be beautiful this winter ... kisses girls !!!! ❤

Step-by-step blouse of this crochet stitch. see your measurements and start your pattern with these crochet stitches. basic point model