Style like mother like daughter ... a charm elegant crochet pattern

This fashion trend has become kids pattern shop worldwide, and the crochet pattern shop of course could not be left behind. We brought here today modinha pattern shop Like mother like daughter; which it is a charm and looks great those photos together to save as a souvenir on his album. This look pattern shop Like mother like daughter can also be used on feast days or for day to day in a casual look. Can be used this pattern fashion shop also on beaches, but attention is nothing ordinary visual for children, the important thing is always comfort. It need not necessarily be exactly like, can be used the same fabric and be created look pattern shop for the look of the two. For example use only the top piece of the same mother and daughter is a grace. Attention! Always wear comfortable clothes, no exageiros, after all do not have to leave your baby uncomfortable. Watch Mom! No horizontal stripes for moms because it increases the proportion. How about the first photo of motherhood also iguaizinhas ... is very nice, in a special moment. Need not be exactly the same piece of clothing, can only match the type of fabric and the pattern may look like and be fashionable. Tip: If you do not see a visual just like in the store, of course here is entering the duty crocheters pattern shop, which are able to create an outfit just for you and your little princess. This is not amazing !!!! Power fabricate a garment pattern shop for you and your daughter your way, your style. What great idea !!! But stay tuned! The model you choose should never be too adult for a baby or child too much for a mother. Do it yourself!!! The following chart pattern shop with tips from a model, but invent and work will mãoos! Do not forget that the main thing is the welfare of his princess. Until next time girls! Kisses!