Dress For Infant Girls. Simple Graph

Crochet girls dresses are charming and delicate pieces. Crochet allows you to create unique handmade pieces. Leaving the piece much more special.
Crochet dresses for girls can be made in a variety of styles, from casual and simple to elaborate and festive.

To choose your style, we have a variety of different pieces and models for each style on our website.
Enjoy and see more designs, choose your favorite thread color and start crocheting this beautiful dress for girls today.

This beautiful crochet dress pattern we have below a model suitable for girls from 2 to 4 years old. For baptism I hope you like it. I'm in love with crochet and knitting prints, arts. 

Mainly dresses like this for a special occasion I confess that I loved the neutral color although bright colors please me more. I think the delicacy of this piece needs a more neutral color to give it a delicate touch.

Your Princess will love this dress. They will definitely look even prettier with this crochet dress model.

Dress for children's girls
Children Dress For Girls

Required Material:

  • Crochet thread suitable for children's clothing.
  • Hook the right size for the wire.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing needle.

Step by Step for Beginners:

Take measurements: Measure the circumference of the chest, the length from the shoulder to the desired length of the dress, and the circumference of the girl's waist. These measurements will help you determine the size and amount of thread you need.

Continue with the pattern: Follow the instructions on the pattern to continue knitting the body of the dress.

Add Details: You can add additional details

Finish the dress: After finishing the body of the dress, follow the pattern instructions to finish the edges,

Assemble the dress: Use a sewing needle to join the necessary seams, such as the shoulders.

Remember to follow the instructions for the pattern you choose and adjust the size and details to your liking. Also

The colors of the crochet dresses to be made can also make all the difference, cheerful colors, or more discreet, metallic threads are arriving at the high sophistication modeling store in search of pieces. 
Blue, red and white are always on the rise in children's clothing, they are always trends.

See the graphic of the top of the dress below. Note that this dress has two different patterns that join the top and bottom of the dress. They look like a blouse and a skirt. But they are just different patterns. See how beautiful this dress is. The flower on the side adds charm to the look.

This dress color can be used for all occasions. I'm putting the step by step to make it easier, I hope you like the modeling.
This pattern serves for the production of other clothes and hats, towels, kitchen in general. In time you will realize the wonderful therapy for women who want to do something in their spare time and contribute to the family wardrobe or home decor store.
I hope you like it by heart, I will be posting more recipes in the mold shop for you. Kisses

Dress for children's girls
Children Dress For Girls

The height of this piece is 20 cm. For a 4-year-old girl, chains of 171 VP will be made. 

1st row: Do 3 lifting loops and on the 4th VP do the first CH. 

After one row, we unfold the product and knit the next one, starting each time we raise 3 VP. 

Make it according to the standard size, width and height we need. 

Again I need a width of 26 cm, armhole height is 14 cm, the total height of the top of the dress is 20 cm.

The total length of the dress should end up being 55 cm, at the top 20 cm, which means the remaining 35 are the skirt of the dress.

Note that as the pattern of the dress skirt increases you will need to open the stitches of your crochet yarn a little more.

Dress for children's girls
Children Dress For Girls

Children Dress For Girls