Mystical Lanterns Blanket Pattern

Hello girls, all right, I'm very happy today, I learned this wonderful crochet pattern to make many patterns, such as a shawl, a bedspread, a crochet blanket, a centerpiece for your kitchen or your living room.

The Mystical Lantern blanket pattern, by the brilliant designer Janie Crow, is simply iconic. I appreciate the opportunity to share with my readers our website

Girls who are now starting to learn this art of crochet will love this idea. It is very exciting and impressive because crochet is getting better and better, with each passing day we have new trends, new styles, new patterns for your blouse. Crochet never goes out of style, it never goes out of designers' heads. 

I am very proud to know that I am part of this beautiful work with you. If you are interested in learning about free crochet patterns, today we have an option that will cheer you up and you will no longer want to stop making new patterns and patterns for your home and also for you. 

Mystical Lanterns learn yourself and teach your friends. Assemble your class of friends at home or in the classroom. Learn to use woolen threads, if you have a lot of threads at home, you can learn to use colored threads that are in your home. And always remember if I learned it, you can learn it too. A kiss

This beautiful Mystical Lanterns Blanket Pattern blanket, found by Jane Crowfoot, I found the colors wonderful and the pattern is below for the crochet girls who love to work with different shapes and textures. The colors you can use various colors, remnants of yarn that you have there in your home.

Used 24 different colours of SSDC and made 12 rows of 13 motifs, 11 rows of 12 plus 2 horizontal halves, worked out how to make 24 vertical halves to infill the wavy sides and 4 corner motifs!!! 335 in total.

I sorted my colours into 4 bags - one light, one dark, one bright, one muted - and chose 1 of each for each motif. Kept the used ones separate to avoid confusion and then started all over again after each 6 motifs.

Joined the strips vertically (with Parchment) as I went and laid them out so as I progressed I could be sure I hadn’t repeated the same colours.

Used a thicker join and 5mm hook by doing the dc into each individual stitch instead of through both. Have used this join before and like the lacy effect it gives.

Using 4.5 hook did 1 round of dc in Parchment, then one in Emperor before using Parchment for Border 93 from Edie Eckman’s Crochet Borders book.

I found some squares in a very similar way with this Mystical Lanterns Blanket, I want to share with you.

Fall Romance Throw this is the name for this square so passionate that we have today on our web site. A beautiful pattern to learn and be inspired by these colors and a romanticism that hangs in the air when we see these colors that remind us of our autumn.