Crochet Hooded Pocket Scarf free tutorial

Hello girls, today we are going to learn how to make a Crochet Hooded Pocket Scarf. Very interesting for our season. Very practical and easy to do. This crochet scaf model is widely used for women who like a touch of crochet fashion, with knitting threads. Or for women who like to be fashionable. 

They like colors. Women who do not give up dressing well and who also like comfort for everyday life. This crochet scaf model is very interesting because it has a mitten combo. Crochet scarf has buit-in pockets. wow. Wonderful for women who need a practical piece of clothing and like to stay warm. With this free tutorial you can learn in an easy and practical way. A very beautiful scarf. A tip for you who like to feel beautiful all day, who like to be beautiful for your family at home.

Crochet yarn with colors of your colorometry, this will favor your natural beauty, maybe you don't even need to wear a lot of makeup, just a lipstick. Using colors that favor you, you will feel more beautiful. So first you need to choose a color that makes you happy, colors from your color chart, colors for fall and winter. So enjoy your crochet threads and start your crochet work. Make a plan to do a little free tutorial every day and you will not lose your focus. 

Ready work ready, this is for you. Now prepare that everyone will want even men, because it is a very practical scarf model and has a cap, glove and pocket. For men I indicate a gray scarf, and for women yarn or dark red or yellow or dark green crochet threads are colors that do not go out of style. I hope you make the most of our tutorial. 

A kiss girls until next time.

Beautiful model with step by step crochet. follow instructions of this model with your measurements
Crochet Hooded Pocket Scarf free tutorial

Scoodie - These are the famous scarves with hood and pockets, if you have forgotten your crochet glove, on cold days they are very practical to put in the bag and do not make much volume. Hooded scarf is very practical and easy to use.

Below we have the graph and the free walkthrough for you to start this pattern right now. A perfect solution for our busy life. A very practical idea for women and children.

What do you think of a versatile, beautiful, comfortable piece that still keeps you in line. This piece I found in a wonderful designer Artemis hooded scarf. 

A modern style that arrived in fashion with stripes that can help to accentuate your length. Liked the idea so let's start.

Tutorial crochet Patterns Crochet Hooded Pocket Easy model

An inspiration for scarf lovers. A crochet model with a beautiful color for the season.I am not without my crochet scarf. Hooded pocket scarf keeps you warm and stylish wherever you go.