terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016

See How To Make This Beautiful Bag pattern shop perfect model.

Today I will show you a very useful crochet point, the point popcorn as it is called is a form of crochet pattern shop that gives a visual texture in giving all a style for the piece. This point is raised to the surface, like a popcorn same. The basic point of this is easy to do and the work pattern shop is very beautiful. Used a lot in bags to give a glamorous effect on the piece. Many bags brands work with this kind of point to stay very lovely pattern shop.The technique is done working 5 high points in space and pulling the points together. Make a slip stitch by pulling the handle open through the first point that is already on the needle. Ready This is the pattern shop popcorn point. To create a pattern shop in your piece you need to repeat the point. The point popcorn pattern shop is generally separated by at least one or two little chains, can sometimes be a side on the other. If you work with a thick line work pattern shop will be faster. With these images point you can make a popcorn point that is also used a lot in other works such as carpets, caps blouses, etc. Ready to give it a try? You will not regret. Hope you like it. Kisses to all. To the next!!!